11.08.17Stella Robertson


I saw you play on Halloween in Clinton Hill and I thought you were fabulous. Do you play gigs locally (Brooklyn) and if so what dates and places are you playing over the next couple of months?

11.07.17Raynier Santana

I'm a big fan of Acapella Soul and doo wop music, you carry on with a long tradition of good music. Thoughtfully from Cuba, Ray

11.05.17Stuart Ostroff

I tried to catch you guys last winter in NYC, but weather too cold.

Where are you performing in the next few weekends? I will drive up from Richmond just to see you live. Thx Stuart


I love your music!
Greetings from Germany

08.24.17Steve Wood

If you are ever in the Albuquerque area, look us up for some rea!!y good New Mexican grub!

08.24.17Steve Wood

Just caught your rendition of "the lion sleeps tonight". Kick ass! Great! Thank you so much..


I'd like to know if you go anothers contries, for example Chile. What's do you need to come Chile?


You guys sound amazing@!!

04.17.17Chris Sav

From all the way over in Australia you guys are the best!!!!
I would like to buy some cd's.



I discovered acapella soul by casuality on youtube. Since then I became a big fan of this group. They have been with me in wonderful and difficult moments, especially facing the cancer and death of my sister a few months ago.
God bless them

01.28.17Jennifer from Western Kansas

Wow. Just WOW! You are fabulous! People who sing acapella are very talented. In my opinion, acapella is the purest form of music. I love the songs you sing. Doo-Wop is an American classic and you certainly nail it! You not only nail Doo-Wop, but you do it acapella! Couldn't ask for better music. I would love to see you come to Southwest Kansas and perform. We have a yearly celebration called Dodge City Days held the last week of July and first week of August of each year. We have the PRCA Rodeo, a country concert done by a name performer, craft show, street dances and lots of other activities during the celebration. Of course, you would certainly be welcome any time! We have a large indoor areana but also have an outside arena where the rodeo is held. Please consider sending an inquiry to:
United Wireless Arena
4100 West Comanche St.
Dodge City, KS 67801

Just love your music and appreciate the harmonies. You are awesome performers and I certainly would love to see you out here.

Pure acapella Doo-Wop; can't ask for better than that. Keep up the fantastic music. I'm definitely a fan!



Hello Gentlemen...I must say that your rendition of "In The Still Of The Night" as well as "Those Magic Moments" as viewed on youtube is simply OUTSTANDING. Your group SHOULD be walking the Red Carpet. Truly Old School Doo Wop. Thanks for brining us this sweet sound of doo wop. God Bless and Be Safe my friends!

01.14.17Tom Drew

Hey guys,
I just really appreciate your singing. As I comment on youtube, we have a big lack of good acapella singing here in Maine, especially the street corner version. Please keep up the good work... Thanks.


I truly love and adore this group . I have never seen them in person but I can clearly feel the joy through their videos. In my darkest hour their excellent harmonies and fun they have when singing somehow manage to make me fee better.


It's been a little while since I've seen you guys on the subway, but I just wanted to tell you that there have been countless times when life has seemed a little too heavy and suddenly you walk into the car and true enough my soul is lifted. You guys are incredible and I'm so grateful for you.

People like you are what make this the greatest city on earth.

11.19.16John Athanasopoulos

You guys are amazing!! I was blown away with your talents.

10.31.16Laurie Hobbs

While on a recent trip to New York we were walking around Central Park and had the good fortune to bump into you guys performing and what amazing performers you are, great voices and humour,I have since returned to England and I'm pass the word around about you,fantastic,keep up the great work.You music has such a feel good factor..thankyou.
Regards & best wishes from England.

08.11.16Tariq Bonner

It was their acapella of In The Jungle that got me hooked on acapella soul! I love the music they perform. Such a beautiful sound. Five come together to make one, the true meaning of acapella. Thank you for keeping doo-wop alive and I hope to one day see you all in person.

06.19.16Marjolein Lips

We love you guys! Hugs and kisses from Holland....

06.11.16Karen Dobbs

Superb voices just discovered on Youtube. Can listen to you guys all day


I just stumbled across some videos of your performances on youtube. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING !!!!!!!
Greetings from Germany

05.25.16Kristin Kline

While messing around on YouTube this evening, I inadvertently came across a video of you singing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", and all I can say is, "OH - MY - GOD." You guys are incredible. I played the video several times over on high blast, dancing away and snapping my fingers here at my desk; my neighbors probably think I'm bonkers. You seriously are the most entertaining group---so vital and powerful. I can't wait to get up to NYC when you are performing live.

Thank you for existing and for channeling so much spirit and sharing it with us! The world is a better place because of what you do. Thank you!

Much love and gratitude,

02.14.16VLM The Singer

You're all incredibly talented singers! I am also a vocalist and an avid lover , listener, and singer of a cappella music. You are inspirational and amazing! I hope to be able to see you gentlemen perform in person one day soon. Keep up the GREAT work!

Peace, love, and blessings!



Hi guys, during a trip to NYC in 2009 I had the pleasure to watch your performance in front of the MET stairs, it was simply unforgetable. Your atitude brings joy and pleasure to the population and give a lot more life and color to the City. Congratulations for your work and I wish it never ends.

Regards from Brazil.

01.22.16Colin taylor

Hi and greetings from the UK just wanted to say how much I enjoy your music it's wonderful please keep it up!
Ps you really need to come to London!

Thanks Colin---We'll drop you a line if that day happens :D

01.21.16Diane Hurst

Hi, just letting you know your "Lean on Me" video is featured in a blog post on my music history blog: http://www.notesandnotions.com/blog/lean-on-me-a-capella-soul

Diane Hurst

01.15.16Judith mccabe

You guys always cheer me up. Love your music. Love your moves. Love your humanity. Judith from Glasgow lives in Hackney London xx

01.06.16James Alexander

I saw you guys this afternoon (Wed. Jan. 6th around 11am) in the 42nd street subway) you are amazing. Keep up the great vocals.

01.05.16Cath Pazikas

In NYC on holiday from Scotland and seem you guys at Times Square subway today. You were amazing and put smiles on so many faces thank you

12.17.15Gregory Matthews

Coming all the way from Detroit , I promise once I have enough money I'm buying every volume , I'm in college second year just turned 19 just took my last final before this winter break coming and once I get two paychecks I will be back to buy !! I love You Gentlemankeep up the good work , I would love to hear back from you guys MUCH LOVE!!

Hey Greg,
Thanks for the kind and encouraging words.
Try to save your money for books.
Concentrate on that edjemacation (hehe).

A belated Xmas gift attached---enjoy :D

walk well my friend,


Hi guys,
yesterday I went through the metro station and saw you... You were just AMAZING, really the best performers I've seen on my trip to US (I'm from the Czech Republic by the way).

I'm buying your CD, you all made a great impression on me and your performances are exactly what I expected from the visit of US, this is the culture we love.

Thanks Lubomir,
For the support and AMAZING words :)
If we make it out to your land, I'm calling you up to sing with us.


Hi guys

just somehow stumbled accross your videos on youtube so I searched for your website. A truly amazing sound! I love the raw harmonies and the soul in your voices.

Rob in the UK

Thanks Rob!!!


Hey guys.. i'm from berlin (germany).. my english is very bad but i Love music.. what you do is more than music.. Unbelievable!!!

Keep going on!!!

God willing, Arek---Thanks

11.17.15edwin falcon

Its so wounderful to emerge from the subway to then hear your vocals floating through the station. I instantly I relax and feel good. Where else can you have that kind of experience? I guess its because I am a doo-wop lover from way back. Also, when I drive your CD is a great mood lifter and makes my trip so much more pleasant. Thanks very much.
Suggestion: I would love to hear you perform Paul Williams vocal of the Tempatations first hit - "Oh Mother of Mine".

11.02.15Michael Carltos

You guys are amazing! Better than many of the "artists" these days...

10.29.15Linda Spaulding

You guys are awesome!!

10.28.15Tom Bracken

Saw you outside the Met this past Monday. Made a donation, but failed to buy a CD. My mistake!! Which of your 5 is your best CD? Also send me your address and I will mail you a check plus shipping.

10.27.15Cüneyt (cino)

Hi from Turkey guys:) I listened you in Perescope , I really admire tis music, I luv it:) when I come to NYC , I will visit Metropolitan to watch you ;) take care themselves broo!!


Put your songs on iTunes

09.29.15Sylwia Winiarska

I love You Guys! You make a music of my heart!


Hi from the UK,
You guys have bought me so much joy through your performances since I stumbled upon you on YouTube. Will you ever reach over here? I'd love to see you perform and I'm sure I'm not the only UK-er! Keep doing what your doing, with much love,

09.21.15 Mark Manko

Hi, I'm from SW Pa. I just found you guys on you tube. Now I have another reason to get my ass to
NYC for a few days. You guys are great. I will track Yiu down soon..

09.18.15HE Kevin Allmond

Hello there,

I have come across c couple of your vides on YouTube and can't help wondering why you chaps appear to be 'busking' on the streets of New York when you are so obviously so talented. Then I read your webpage and I had to ask the question again...

I would be extremely interested in having you guys do a set if I ever had to make an official visit to the US.

I wish you all the very best.

Ambassador Kevin Allmond
Sovereign Kingdom of the Cook Ilsands.

-----Thank you so much Ambassador Allmond, for stopping by; then commenting.
Please do contact me, if that official or non official visit happens.
all the best

04.28.15Jovian Catalan

someday i will meet you all, thank´s for your work guys!

best regards from Chile

04.18.15paul francis corry

You Guy's are simply fantastic , love your music , Thank you. would like to buy your C D live in manchester Englang .xx

03.30.15Peter Kingston

Hi Guys,

Greetings from Brisbane, Australia. You are amazing! I have seen your videos on youtube and I will definitely be getting your cds. I take it you ship to Australia? I love your sound so much and having come from a musical background I can appreciate just how truly talented you all are. Keep up the great work! I may have to come to New York City one day to see you live.

Kindest regards,


03.16.15Diane Juhola

I found Acapella Soul on FaceBook this evening doing "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." What voices!!!!!! You go!!!


Dear all,

Firstly I wanted to say Thank You for bringing me so much joy over the years through your YouTube videos. My name is Harriet, I'm a 26 year old medical student from London and I've been through a lot of ups and downs over the years but your music always manages to lift my heart.

I know that in the spirit of doo-wop your performances are out in the public for everyone to enjoy. I was wondering, however, if there was any way of me being able to find out where I could find you when I come to visit New York in the week before Christmas? One of my childhood dreams has been to visit NYC at Christmas time. If there was any way of me stumbling across you on my visit, it would absolutely make my dream come true. Are you planning any perfromances in particular around Christmas?

On a personal note, I have to say an exceptional Thank You for your cover of The Lion Sleeps Tonight. This was a firm favourite between me and my friend Katie and we used to sing it in hamony, loudly, whenever we could to try and make the day a bit brighter (and sometimes confuse strangers). Katie sadly passed away 2 years ago but whenever I hear the song she's brought back to me and I know she's smiling. So I wanted to pass on my sincere gratitude , that something so joyous was left behind which keeps me connected with her.

If it's not possible to know how to see you (which is totally understandable!) then I wish you all the best for the future. Carry on spreading the beatuiful vocal love that makes so many happy.

With a big hug,

Harriet B-P, London, UK


Saw you in Central Park last week, fantastic, bought the CD. Are you performing or busking anywhere this weekend or early next week? Go back to Australia on Thursday and would love to see you again.


Hello, I am a big big admirer of their music from Germany which costs the CD Volume 5 with signature to Germany


Hello, this is the first conntact to you.
Im Yoshi from Japan. Nice to see you.
I watched your videos on YouTube.
All of them is so much wonderful, execellent, and beautiful!!
Im now a big fan of you.
Im interested in Gospel, Acapella and so on.
I always look for good gospel and acapella songs in YouTube.
And finally I found a group I like the most.
It is you Acapella soul!!
I like so much your song, voice, melody, rhythm and atmosphere you enjoy singing.
Those make me comfortable and fun.
In the future, I want to see a live in person.
Im looking forward to more your videos coming up on YouTube.

Thank you.



I just saw a clip posted July 20th, I love it. Wish you all the best.


keep up the good work guys I enjoyed it! I grew up in nyc playing bass and singing solo which I still do here in florida.You guys took me back to the real days of music when doo wop groups sung their hearts out and made people laugh cry etc...

08.05.14Belinda Offley

Hello all,
I absolutely love your singing! My dad used to sing songs like this when I was a child. Especially, "LIfe Is But A Dream". That song would make me cuddle up and go to sleep like a baby. Now that I am a woman i crave to hear this kind of singing! IDo you preform live shows? Free shows or otherwise? Excited to hear from you!
Much respect and love,

08.02.14Jeferson Rohr

Wauuu!! Great artists and great voices. Wonderful...thank's guys for your job. I listen you in Youtube here in Brazil. Congratulations from your brasilian fans.
Jeferson Rohr / Rio Grande do Sul - Brasil.

07.31.14Florian Lebe

Hey guys i´m from germany berlin an i love what you do. My first thougt was that we need someone like you in my hometown. so go on and sing. ;). to say it in german: Ihr seid der hammer, macht weiter Jungs!


yall sound gd

06.30.14K. Edward Deitrick

You guys are awsome! It'd be an honor if you guys came to my area and sa g!


You guys truly remind me of my older cousins, who use to harmonize together on a street corner back in the day! I wish you guys could visit schools to show our youth how important music is in our everyday lives. So many waiting to hear from so few that will make a difference to us all.

05.18.14Dr. Marc Ben-Meir

You guys are great. You remind me of when i was growing up in the South Bronx, NY. Do you have CD's for sale? I hope so I want to order them. THANK YOU.

Dr. Marc J. Ben-Meir
Fort Worth, TX

05.17.14Christina Trifanoff

You guys are fabulous! Love you! Going to purchase. Just found your rendition of Lion Sleeps Tonight on YouTube. Tweeted Fallon - he needs to get you on his show!!! Where are you perfroming? Keep [perfroming! Dont give up. Let me know how to find more of your stuff. Love love love!

03.27.14Dan Pivovar

I saw you guys today at Union Square on the L Train platform and you were simply marvelous. In the city, musicians are a dime a dozen ( myself included) but you guys are in another league. Your sound is impeccable and the fun and smiles you brought to an entire platform of people on their daily work commute in the subway is totally reflective of just how fantastic you guys are. Thanks for brightening my day and I wish you every success.


I would like t say CONGRATULATIONS i love your songs
i meet you in the subway of NYC during my vaccacions with my son.

you are happyness

sorry for my mistaken
Kiss from France Véronique



I found a video of you on Youtube and I absolutely loved it. I think you are amazing.

I was just wondering if there was any chance that you have an up coming tour to Australia because I would lve to see you live.



Ustedes son increíbles, les deseó todo el éxito del mundo y los seguiré escuchando desde México 😄

02.13.14Rafael Ramos

Hey homies! I saw your song's on youtube, it's really great! I Love Doo Wop Soul, Now I'm a brazillian fan! Congrats! In my next NYC trip i wanna check it out! See ya!

02.11.14Luke Brooks

I just discovered you guys on YouTube. I AM BLOWN AWAY!! I have always loved DooWop since i was a kid and you guys do it right. I am going to e-mail you on rates because I HAVE to hear you Live

02.08.14Claudia Schneider

Hi guys, I heard you today at the Apollo's 80th Anniversary Open House and you just swept me off my feet. Amazing voices, amazing performance! I wanted to ask you if you will have other performances coming up around New York? I could not find a schedule on your website. Please let me know, as I'd love to come and listen again.Best, Claudia

02.03.14Doo Wop Dan

Joe and I where thrilled to sing with you guys with Nemca at the 53rd street station...All the best Doo Wop Dan and Joey Guitar from the NewYork Serenaders.

01.28.14chris truelove

hello Acapella Soul
came across your music on youtube,must say its the greatest,purest,beautiful music i,ve ever heard. by any chance are you coming to England. to hear you live would be amazing. keep up the inspiring work.
all the best

01.25.14john downey

great listening to you last week and thanks for the fantastic CD and allowing me to make a couple of photos of you at work. Here's one: http://www.jad2photo.com/jad2photoblog/acapella

All The Best,

12.24.13Joaquim C Rodrigues

hey! am from India...stumbled upon your video on youtube and got totally hooked onto your voices... amazing work... would love to hear you'll sing live one day! your version of 'my girl' brought back old memories.
cheers... !!

12.06.13Zerina Phillip

You guys are awesome! I put a video I took on You Tube



Please tell me you are still performing!!! will you be in NYC any time soon!

12.03.13Sonia Sri

Hey guys,

I think yall are absoloutely amazing! Me and my family are coming up from australia and i was wondering if you were performing anywhere between dec 30th and jan 4th?

Looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully seeing you guys live!


11.21.13Lisa Chavivah Love

Wow! Just spent the afternoon listening to you sing on YouTube - starting with A Lion Sleeps Tonight. You all are incredible singers - re-inspiring me to spend some time in New York for a while. It is artists like you that make NYC such a great place to be. Your dedication to sharing your gifts is amazing. Much love and blessings from the west coast. Vancouver, Canada. Lisa : )

11.20.13Bert Mandeville

The best I have heard! Great pitch!


Good evening, I heard you this summer at the MET. I purchased 2 cd's and swore if I ever got engaged I would love to have you play at my wedding... well I'm engaged! Wanted to discuss September 6, 2014. Please email me at your earliest convenience. thank you!!

11.10.13Rocky Thompson

Kia ora (hello all the way from New Zealand). I was looking up Acapella groups and kind of stumbled upon your youtube clips with enormous surprise and amazement :). I love the tunes that explode out of all your voices and was just wondering, how do I get a copy of Volume 5 please?


My wfie and I heard you at the Metropolitan Museum of Art a couple of weeks ago. You are incredible! Thanks for keeping real live music alive.


Gentleman, I am a 21 year old girl from Australia.
Real music is barely heard anymore. Your voices have touched my so heart and I feel so blessed to have come across your youtube videos. I wish you all the best of luck, I am singer myself and I have been forever told to learn 'modern music' .. You have helped me prove to myself that this is where my heart belongs. God bless you all, it will now be a dream of mine to meet you all and hear your music first hand ~ Thank you xx


Son maravillosos!!!! Podré conseguir sus cd aquí en México ????


U guys r way awesome...I love you guys...especially during tough times...you help people get through these hard times...THANKS for being you!!!

10.07.13Gerry V.

I don't know where to begin explaining how much talent you fellas have. This is real music. The energy and comrade as a group showcases through the talent you fellas posses. There is one HUGE favor I ask..I am planning to propose to my girlfriend of 8yrs in a few weeks and would love to inquire about what it would take to have Acapella Soul be a part of it with one memorable performance that she will remember for a lifetime...thank you soo much for keeping true to "Music"


I saw you guys performed at Ali and Chris' wedding 2 weeks ago. You guys were fantastic! Are you performing anywhere in the next 2 weeks. My family is visiting from out-of-town and I would love to see you in action again.


09.25.13Uwe Kröll Germany

Habe euch auf YouTube gesehen.
Einach großartig und Weltklasse.
Wünsche euch die Karriere die euch zusteht.

Grüße aus Germany


Liebe Grüße from Germany



I can't wait until i got to new york and see Acapella Soul such a nice group I'm 17 years old and i love doo wop


I enjoyed your music so much; sitting on the stairs of the metropolitan, listening and watching you guys made me feel happy!


I justn want to know the name of the lead singer who sings the "The lion sleeps tonight." ..Is he married, he reminds me of an old lover! I thank in advance for you cooperation on the matter.


Hey, just wanted to let you guys know, that your "soul" has reached Denmark also! Just spent the better part of two hours listening to your amazing interpretations of all the music i love. You are true artists, and really bring back music to its roots before amplifiers, gizmos, and equalizers. Raw, untamed amazing talent! Just gotta love what you do! Thanks for doing it!

09.07.13dave murray

is there anywy i can get a copy shipped to the uk pleaseeee..only found you guys a few weeks ago and you are unreal.cant stop listening to you lot...CLASS


Hello fellas, I saw your you tube videos and was hooked!! My dad was an oldies DJ for many years that's how I developed a love for oldies!! I live in Va nd would loe to buy ALL the cds' aval! How much and where do I pay for them? Thanks!! Keep singing! And do you offer shirts?


Bom dia atodos....é um apena que não falo ingLes... porem estou aqui para dizer que voces são 10.... very top.... cantam muito.
e estao de parabéns!!!! congratulations...

08.23.13Francesco Bollorino


08.09.13Mary & Jack C., Tennessee

Our son lives in Harlem and recently sent us one of your CDs. He has heard you on his way to work in the mornings. Needless to say, we love it! We grew up in the 50s, and this stuff is OUR music! We belong to a church that is acapella only, with everyone singing, so we like that aspect of it, too. There is nothing like the human voice, blending with others, to make wonderful music! Keep on making people happy from your souls! And keep our son happy, too!


Hi guys, I'm Lee-Ann and I come from germany :)
I have to tell you something! You are absolutely amazing!
I have NEVER seen such a amazing acapella group! Thanks to you guys now I know what real music! I'm a big fan of you! The whole world should be able to catch some of your openness and cheerfulness!
I love YOU!

Greetings from Germany :)
Your Lee-Ann <3

07.27.13Natalie Cox

I heard your music for the first time today, and it is absolutely amazing. I was wondering where I can buy your CDs. I live in South Carolina, so I am hoping I can get them over the Internet.

Thank you for making such wonderful music!!



Hi There...

I´m going to propose to my girlfriend on our trip to NY. We are flying from México and I would like to surprise her with a music Street performance in Central Park....

Could you help me???

I love your work and music...it would be an honor to receive your help.....


i just dicovered you on youtube yesterday, and i love, love, love, you! all of you are just awesome!


I'd like Vol #1 e-mailed to me!
You guys are G-R-E-A-T!!!!
Saw you on Youtube!
You should tour!!
I'm not a producer, but I live in the New Haven area, CT.
Ever come to CT?


The video have made with you in april in front of Metropolitan Museum is on line on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL at the URL :
Enjoy , embed it in youe website and let me know
All my best from Genoa

07.17.13Tyrone Gabriel

Hey Guys I love your rendition of Lion Sleep Tonight. Very soulful!

Toronto, Ontario,

07.14.13levy araujo

Good afternoon dear reader.
I would invite the group to sing at my wedding in rio de janeiro!
please tell me the value, how many people pass hosting areas, thus can make the payment! I await response!
Att levy Araujo


I love the sounds, the rythem, the feeling. Great Job!

07.12.13Raquel Rosa

Hi, hoq are you...I am from Brazil. I want your CD

07.11.13Ausage Siamu

Hey Acapella Soul. My name is Ausage (Ow-song-eh) And I Like your groups vocals!! I live in San Jose in the bay. I'd like to see you in San Jose, San Fransico sometime.


My friend has sketches of you on her blog. Thought you might enjoy them. http://sketchbookfactory.com/2013/07/10/street-performers/

07.01.13Jorge Henrique

Hi Friends...
I admire this group ... Watch all videos on youtube ... And I was impressed ...
CONGRATULATIONS and keep always singing with soul ...

I am interested in buying the CD `s .... I\'m from Brazil.
Could you help me?

Thank you and be with God!


hi all im from manchester england you are the dogs balls (off the hook) every time mates come over i put youtube on to show you off your famous in manchester i will keep spreding the word

06.12.13katania cook

hello acapella soul I am a fan and everytime I see ya'll perform it's in the fourteenth union square train station. I am always giving Gerald a hug because he's the man. I just want ya'll to know that I love how you perform. May God continue to bless all of you and your families. Looking forward to seeing you again. Love from Katania Gerald you are my boo.

06.12.13brian sayers

My wife and daughter recently returned from NY and brought home with them a Cd of Volume 5. I love it. How can I get my hands on Volumes 1 to 4 please.

06.07.13Raphael Levy-Lesko

Dear Acapella Soul,
I would like to purchase volume number five. I think your group has a lot of heart and soul. Also, i wanted to know what parts of the city you usually perfom so I can possibly see you live. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Raffi Levy-Lesko


where will you perform next in NYC! Really want to see you live! Ya'll r GREAT!!!!

05.04.13Brother Blaine Halley

Thank you Acappella Soul! A few weeks ago you will recall about 40 seminarians enjoyed your performance in front of the Met Art Museum. We loved you. You generously gave us three of you CDs that we played on our way back to DC. Our music director liked them and has formed a group that is practicing. All this inspired by you. I will be in the city in July for a week and hope to find you performing. God bless you. Bro. Blaine


Parabéns pelo trabalho! como faço pra adquirir seus Cd's e mandar para o brasil ?


Well just wanna drop by to greet you here.. I've been a fan since 2010 (thoough I haven't seen you guys in person yet). I came from Philippines and I really hope one day, just one day, you can perform here too.. God bless you guys and kepp on rocking :) and I was just wondering how can I avail your CD's?

04.07.13Susana Hansen

I was with my family listening to you on the steps of the Metropolitan Theater 10 days ago! you are wonderful, I brought a cd of you, I do listen to everyone, I saw all your videos and I have heard most of their songs, even I could not choose one!
Congratulations! you every success!!!
love and peace!


Hi, my name is Daniel, I live in Cheyenne, WY and first heard of you guys through Youtube. I am a huge fan of your music, and so is my dad, he's a big oldies / doo wop fan.
Thank you so much!

03.23.13Vinicius Carbpne

I"ve met the band today, in front of the metropolitan museum and i fell in love with it! i have bought volume three CD, but I HAVE to hear you sing live one more time... I'm from brazil, then i know I wont have many opotunities, so I would like to know where you'll be singing tomorrow, monday and tuesday! Thanks in advance! congrats on your AMAZING work, that has reached my soul!

03.22.13Zo Verbal

Whats going on fellas? i been a fan of the youtube videos for quite some time now and I stumbled on you guys singing "THESE TRACKS OF MY TEARS" by my man Smokey Robinson...and I thought to myself...THATS THE ONE I GOTTA HAVE!! so I would like to place an order for whatever CD has THAT TRACK ON IT...is the one I would like to order as soon as possible...let me know and get back to me. Thanks a lot.

Alonzo Verbal....

03.08.13Carla Alamia

Hi- Do you ever do performances? IF so, where and when? LOVE YOU GUYS!

03.08.13Gabriel from Brazil

Hello! My name is Gabriel, I'm 18 years old and I am from Brazil. I am a huge fan of you guys, I've seen you once when I was in NYC and later I've been watching several videos of Acapella Soul by the internet. You guys have an amazing voice, and I think it is a big shame that the vídeos posted on the internet are recorded with such low quality cameras, because it is not possible to listen all the details that your amazing band is capable of producing! I would like to know if there is any way I can buy a CD from you guys over the internet or maybe if there is anywhere I can virtually acquire the songs you sing... If not, well, Id just like to say that I admire your work a lot and I hope you guys get the rewards for being so good. I mean it. Good luck and keep on inspiring people and doing this fantastic singing!


I absolutely love acapella soul... How can I find out when & where you are performing?


Truly amazing voices. You all deserve to be know world wide!

02.20.13kabwe stewart

Guys I love your music to the core. Yours are talents to praise God, to move him off his seat. Praise him oh vessels of clay, praise him while there is still light.peace.


Just listened to Volume 5 and can't wait to see what's on Volume 6.
Please let us know when it's available.
Sandy & Bill


hi im steve from england and you guys are fantastic ,we want to come to new york just to see you sing ,when is the best time of year to come over and do you sing in the same area as i plan to watch you as many times as i can ..also i want to buy every cd youve made as i think your great , i play in a rockabilly band in the uk and i just love doo wop .. you guys should come over here on some festivals ..hey i see you sing morse code cool song ,do u sing fools fall in love .... thank you for your time steve

12.05.12Victor & Shana

Thank you guys so much for performing at our wedding. We had really terrible weather, but you guys entertained everyone and kept sprits high. We got so many compliments on how you were the most unique, interesting and best part of our wedding. Thanks so much! Victor & Shana

12.01.12Quézia Lombarde

Meu nome é Quézia, moro no Brasil. Eu fiquei encantada com as apresentações que assisti no you tube , muito bom!!! sucesso a vocês!!!

11.28.12Maria João Arcanjo

It was a great oportunity to have met your group and to listen to you! Keep up your excellent work!
MJ from Portugal


I just got Acapella Soul Volume Three in the mail as a birthday present. Wow! I love that you added the stand up bass (in site pictures.) That's my instrument. I play with three guys(amateurs-all of us) and they love to sing acapella, but it's hard for me to sing with them, because they are out of my range. I always play along as they sing. I can't wait to show them the website, and play the CD for them. Bless you all. You've got a bass player in Boston routing for super success for you.

11.22.12Charlie & Fiona

Over briefly from England and had the good fortune to see you all perform outside the Met Arts Museum this week. Brilliant perormance and love the CDs


Hi ! I saw your group playing in the 34th st subway today (11/19) and i wanted to tell you that your music was truly amazing !! It really brightened my day when I heard your group singing in the subway and i wanted to let you know. I also bought 2 CD's and im loving them ! Thanks for the beautiful music & keeping doo wop alive !! :)


I just wanted to say thank you sooo much for helping make our wedding
completely above and beyond amazing. What you and your guys brought to
the night was truly spectacular and we couldn't be happier with how
everything turned out. Everyone fell in love with you guys and I had a
great time beatboxing with you! We will definitely be recommending you
guys to all of our friends planning weddings in the future. I will
also keep you in mind if I ever need some vocals at the studio!

Thank you again!!
Jordan and Jennifer


Saw you at the Queens Central Library on Sunday, 11/4. You blew the roof off the ole lib!

09.30.12S Clark

I just want yall have alot of talent and I enjoy listening to yall sing. I currently live all the way down here in the bayou, Louisiana and you rarely here real music anymore. You guys are real musicians and when I ever get the chance to visit my family in NY I will make sure to make my way to see yall live.

Thank You for keeping real music alive and have a blessed day.
S. Clark


I came across your videos a few years ago and since then have been fascinated by what you do. I can't believe some passers by just ignore it and walk straight past you guys, you're fantastic! Have you ever considered applying for X Factor USA or America's Got Talent, because you guys are amazing!
I'm from UK, (London) and we never see anything like what you guys do here. You cheer people up who walk by and bring some soul back into the community!
Never give up what ypu're doing and I hope one day you come to the UK and do the same here! xxx


I am a spanish girl and I was in NYC two weeks ago in my vacations. And I would just like to tell you that listening to you singing My Girl in front of the MET was simply the best thing of the day. You all were amazing! I am humming it ever since!.
Thank you!


i loveur songs....................cAN u please sing the song SAFE AND SOUND by taylor swift

09.08.12Terry Kerbusch

hello best singing acapella group!
my question is, what will it cost to get your guys to the netherlands (holland) for a big wedding?
I am a member of a famous rapgroup and I love the motown sounds for a lot of years now and I like your sounds very much!
kind regards terry kerbusch



08.29.12Sonya Cravines

I wish that you guys were in San Francisco! I would have loved to receive a quote to sing at my 50th birthday party. I just watched a video of a subway performance that my sister posted on Facebook and loved it! You sang Ooh Baby Baby ooh so well. :)

08.29.12Carly Findlay


My mum and I saw Acapella Soul perform on 7 August on the steps of the Met. We were holidaying from Australia. I wrote about your fantastic performance on my blog - you can view it here - http://carlyfindlay.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/travel-tales-posh-end-of-nyc-bar-italia.html
Thank you so much
Carly, Australia

08.26.12caro!yn johnson

I've only seen you guys on youtube and just fell in love w/your music, tight harmony; last year ordered 3 of your cds. I had to order because I live in VA and just can't seem to get to NYC to see you guys in person; nevertheless, you guys keep up the tight harmony and pleasant sounds that you make! because I am 'So In Love ' with your music, bblessed


You guys are the best! One of the reasons why I'm visting New York again is You. I bought volume 4 when you were singing in front of the MET, and I was listening to that single album during my whole trip which became a fantastic spiritual journey for me that way! Thanks a lot!

08.24.12alan gertson

Just had to say, found you on You Tube, WOW,WOW,WOW, Im hooked, the best acapella Ive ever heard, thanks for making ny year. Im going to your store now to see what I can buy. Again brilliant guys, come to the UK soon
Best regards

08.21.12Beate Hellwig

Acapella soul is fantastic I love this Band !! I look for cd s

08.20.12Beate Hell

This band is so wonderfull

08.06.12Calimério Luiz de Oliveira neto

Hei guy
My english not very good, but your music is amazin, them I would like to buy your CD. Where I can to take it?



I was searching thru youtube looking to hear my favorite song by the Tymes "So Much In Love". Oh My God! When I heard all your songs I felt like I was at a concert!
Please keep me up to date as to where you will preform. I am retired, live in NY and I will be there. Keep doing what your doing! God Bless...........

07.27.12Erdélyi Anikó

Sziaszotk! Hi Guys!

Nagyon szeretem a számaitokat! Tegnap a lányaimmal a kocsiban énekeltük a The lion sleeps tonight c. dalt.


07.14.12Uilson Azevedo

Hello guys! Today I watched your videos and liked a lot... Great performances...

Best success and wishes!

Uilson Azevedo

05.29.12Julie Armstrong

I love your soul !! Are you guy come in Canada , Québec at Montréal?
Thanks for your good music!!!!!

Julie from Montréal.
Québec, Canada


you guys are so very good i have always been a big fan of doowop music i thought this was a thing of the past id pay money to see you guys sing please keep going you are keeping a historic part of american music alive please keep it going im from lowell massachusetts id love to see you in concert please let me know ty move ova drifters acapella soul is in town lol


Hi I am Brazilian and I love the voice of you is a great pleasure i ouv them. I do not speak English, recognize him an excellent timbre of voices and you guys are perfect congratulations. I would like to know the country of you. If you can answer me I will be eternally grateful. A big hug


I'm the Special Events Manager at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. You just played at our "Gala" on May 8th and did an incredible performance! We would really like to have you perform for our International Conference guests.


Just saw you guys today at the Lexington & 51st St. Station...You guys were killing it!! So smooth and such a great pick-me-up on a rainy day. It really lifted up my spirit hearing you guys sing real music and doing it so well!! I hope you guys tweet where you will be in the future so I can bring some friends to listen to ya'll again soon!




You guys are AWESOME!!! :) But you probably already know that :)
Take care & God Bless!!


Saw you guys a couple of years ago when I was in NY purchasing quite a few pair of shoes from Alligator World....I tipped VERY WELL...lol...I LOVE ACAPELLA & I own EVERYTHING "The Persuasions" ever recorded...I had purchaed volumes 4 & 5 from you but I let my eldest brother listened to them and I NEVER got them back!!!! i would now like to purchase all 5 volumes via e-mail that way I 'll never have worry about losing your sound again....Please send me an invoice and I'll pay immediately thru paypal...You Guys Are GREAT!!!!


Just found out about you guys! You guys are great! Going to start buying all your albums, was wondering if Cupid by Sam Cooke was going to be in one anytime soon? It's my fav. Thank you!!!


Me and my son heard you guys singing out in front of the Met, and you guys made our day. Thank you so much for making such wonderful music for everyone to hear. We bought Volume 3 and really enjoy it... Thanks again, Vincent and George from Portland Oregon


Hey guys, I've been listening to you guys on YouTube for quite a while. Unfortunately I do not live in the USA, so little chance of tipping you guys in real life. Though, I just have to support a group like this. I love the music and the way YOU guys perform it.
I wish you all the very best, take care and enjoy! I know I certainly will when your music is played over and over by me.


Hello Gentlemen I became aware of your Talent on you tube. I must say you have kept a smile on my face since I found you. I'm sharing you with all my fb friends and sending e-mail links to your post.. Love your Sound and Style. May Soul Music Live Forever. Will definately order a CD. Jusy can't make up my mind which one first *o) "God Bless"


Greetings from Poland! Your fame include middle of Europe too. Im writing this letter because i am a huge fan of Acapella Soul from short time. I wish you many successess in future and many, many peoples on your street concerts.
Best wishes from Nowogard, Poland.

03.20.12George H.

I saw you guys today outside of the MET Museam and you guys were amazing. I really enjoyed listening to you sing. I'm 13 and I'm into hip hop but you guys made me interested in the music you were singing. Thanks guys, you really inspired me to push farther with my music and keep doing what I love.


Your sound is awesome!
Would like to invite you to perform at the Library. Will send you a formal letter of invite later today


Men like you make this world a better place. I will be buying a CD soon, and more than likely will be visiting any event that you may have. (Will you?) :)


first video i saw of you guys was 'so in love' led by gerard; i was blown away! I've always liked doo-wop and accapello anyway; you guys are great! I have 3 of your cds. I was told you guys auditioned for AGT; how did that go? Best wishes and blessings!


waiting for A train was fun today ! ... i heard you guys today @ penn station ... "stand by me " ... w0www! amazing!! i bought a cd vol 5 .. your song and melodies made my whole day today ... wht a joy in harmony u guys create ... gr8 fan of urs .. keep it up !


I watched you today in the Subway, you guys were amazing. We were the guys & gal in the uniforms (Security) for the Buses. Thank you for the Tunes today!!


Hi guys i wanted to ask how can i buy you whole volumes , i live in United Kingdom and whatever i do i cant get your music . Please I BEG YOU HELP ME OUT

02.21.12Matty F

Hey I'm the guy who sang Horse With No Name on the E train yesterday. Nice site.



Hey you guys, I live in England and came across your music via youtube. Doo wop music is my favourite style of music and you do a perfect job of recreating the 1950's sound. Your singing, harmonies EVERYTHING sounds so perfect and absolutly love what you do.
I am on 25 and was definitly born in the wrong era. I really really want to buy some of your cds so and dont know how to go about doing this?
Hope to hear back from you soon. Thanks you legends


Hiya guys,
Im from London and travelling over to New York this week. I wanted to get in contact to ask where abouts you'll be over the next couple of weeks. I once saw you guys play 3 years ago when i was 18 and have listened to the CD i bought ever since. Would be great to get a chance to listen live again.


o my god ive been waiting for this type of music to return!!! How much would it cost to get you guys to perform in maine this summer? and how can i get your cd?

Thanks Chet


GOD !! You're amazing guys !!! Hope to see you next time I come in NYC !
Thanx you for saving & sharing the real & good music !!
Lot of respect from France.


i had a 15 minute wait for the L train today and it was the best 15 minutes of my day! I even bought your CD, vol. 5. if there's a mailing list please let me know if you will performing somewhere (other than the subway). you guys are great! thank you.


Bought a CD from you on the subway, xmas 2006. You were singing Silent Night. I had never heard it better. When will you have it on CD?

01.28.12mary L

i heard you for the first time and I am interested in purchasing all of your volumes, i love all the songs I heard on volume five , please tell me how i can obtain them , Thank you , God Bless


You guys are amazing! How do I buy a cd?



I heard you quys today 1/20/12 at the 42nd Street subway station. Awesome! I didn't have money for the CD at the time but I sure would love to get it even if I have to go back to the train station. What days are you there or how can I order on line. God Bless. Thanks


You guys made my morning as I waited for the E train. It was just what I needed to hear. I've seen you several times, but today I smiled like I haven't, but needed, in days. Thank God for NYC.


amazing guys ! Their talent have arrived to mexico, I have found many videos of yours in the net , specially let´s just kiss and say good bye which is wonderful, you sing like angels. Only, I hope to see you soon on the streets of mexico . CONGRATULATIONS :D

01.05.12B. Armand

Hey Guys, grettings from France! I saw you during a trip in New York city in May 2010, outside the MET. And it was...awesome!! I really like your style, it's so pure, and it really touched my heart.I actually took an artistic picture of you singing for myself, and it would be a pleasure to to send it to you. If you are interested, contact me!
Best regards from France


Hi wonderful Artists,
I am 3ntoe1 and I am writing to you from Italy to say
"Thank you so much" for all the wondrous shows you guys do!!
You guys are amazing!! Pure Doowop style!!
It's very difficoult to describe my surprise when about six months ago I saw your fantastic NYC street and subway performances on youtube,
since that day Hoping you like it, I have decided to create an youtube page
in order to collect and sharing your videos and here just now on your site I discovered a link on one of them,
I am very happy and proud that you have done it.
My best wishes to you for an awesome Doo-wop 2012!!
from a fellow Acapella Soul fan since July 2011.

12.20.11Kathryn RIce

I live in Colorado and happened upon your group while wandering around Greenwhich Village for the first time! What a blessing! I want a CD! How do I go about getting one?


Hello , i'm a french you tube visitor ( i m living in la ciotat south of france) n i discovered your voices. With pleasure. Since this day i listen it every day it represents for me a real magic moment i m facinated by your voices really. If one day i go to NY i ll do everything to have one chance to listen to you . (In january we are lucky we go to Miami And Orlando And you ???? May be you have to go here at same Time ??? Don't worry i won't obsess u lol
Thanks a lot !!!!!! Anais


Hi, I'm from Germany. I've seen some videos about you on youtube and I think you are one of the best soul singers I've ever listened to. I just wanted to know if there is any chance to get a CD of you. I'd really appreciate if you could help me.
Thank you,

11.23.11Inhye Kim

I still remember you guys songs although I heard of it a year ago. Me and my friends (We are from South Korea) met you in front of MET and at Central park. It felt like destiny to me. :) Anyway, your group sang the song, 'happy birthday to you' for my friend. Me and her will remember Acapella Soul forever. Your performance was fantastic!


You guys are amazing! I want a CD immediately


please, please, please make your music available for purchase in the UK!!!!


I was wondering how do I go about getting 1 of your cds for a Christmas gift for my husband? You guys are awesome!!!


I am a big fan of your group and would like to know if it is possible to get your album sent to the Netherlands?


Amazing work guys! Absoloutly love the music, harmonies, and voices. Please sell your CD's to your youtube followers!


Found you guys on Youtube and really enjoyed your singing! Wish we had groups like you in our city in Oz :o)
Makes me want to scour the streets when I take a trip to USA, just to listen to this live!


By chance I heard Acapella Soul on Sunday, August 15, when they sang in front of the MET on Fifth and 83rd Street! They were wonderful. My friend and I got up from our seats on the steps of the museum and danced!


I love love love you guys and I know that you have some cds. I was wondering how I could get them. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talents with the world.